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Say Hello to HelloSign

Say Hello to HelloSign

Say Hello to HelloSignPaxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Fact: Even John Hancock’s “John Hancock” wasn’t the same from one place to the next.

Why do we care that the inscription inside Johnny’s dictionary doesn’t match his autograph on the Declaration of Independence? Because it’s cold, hard, incontrovertible proof that not every scenario calls for the same signature—just like not every company is best served by the same e-signature solution.

It’s especially true for teams at mid-market companies, who need a solution that’s secure and reliable, simple to use, and easy to implement. We’ve heard from many of you that this often means HelloSign, which is why we’re thrilled to announce Lexion’s new seamless HelloSign integration. Take a look:

In just a few clicks, users can prepare and send documents for signing in seconds using their HelloSign accounts. Add signers, place signature and other required fields, and send documents for e-signature—all without leaving Lexion. When signing is complete, Lexion will automatically file final documents in your intelligent Repository in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

For companies that love HelloSign and everything it offers, it’s just one more way that Lexion makes the way you work even easier.

(And a special thanks to John Hancock.)

Not a HelloSign user? Lexion also supports DocuSign and Adobe Acrobat Sign.


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