Smartsheet Integration

Centralize your entire contract portfolio to create an AI-powered single source of truth.

Unify your contracts in one searchable, reportable, AI-powered repository.

Smarter Document Storage

Centralize your contract repository in one powerful single source of truth

Lexion can import all of your contracts and metadata from Smartsheet (no matter how well organized—or not—it is) to one well organized contract repository. No more searching through disorganized and disconnected systems.

Supercharge your search and reporting with AI-extracted metadata

Lexion's award-winning AI can automatically read, extract, and tag key details from all of your contracts for quick and easy organization, search, and reporting. Can your Smartsheet do that?

Back up your contract data in your trusted secondary system

Want to retain your Smartsheet backup? Lexion can export your cleaned and tagged AI-extracted metadata back to Smartsheet for the added peace of mind of a second system.

Lexion integrates seamlessly with popular file storage systems.

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Lexion offers loads of ready-made integrations with popular platforms.

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