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Women's History Month: Meet Shima, Staff Software Engineer

Women's History Month: Meet Shima, Staff Software Engineer

Women's History Month: Meet Shima, Staff Software EngineerJessica Nguyen
Chief Legal Officer

One of the many reasons I enjoy being at Lexion is the incredible women I have the honor of collaborating closely with to build a product that solves a problem I know too well. Although I’m a lawyer by background and trade, working shoulder to shoulder with builders cross functionally and not in silos is simply so much fun.  

I’ve worked at many technology companies over my career, and, sadly, women often make up a small percentage of the product and engineering team. Not at Lexion. The data speaks for itself: 55% of our engineering, product, and data science team are women.  

Yes, you read that right, 55%. Bolded because I’m so proud of this figure. 

In honor of women’s history month, we will be spotlighting a few of the amazing women at Lexion. To kick it off, please meet Shima Salimi, Staff Software Engineer. Our team is passionate about growing the number of female technologists (on a personal note, I’d love to see an increase in the number of women visibly in these roles for my daughters), so I asked Shima a few questions about her career.  

Meet Shima Salimi

Why did you choose to become an engineer?

When I was a child, I always liked to solve puzzles and math problems. As I became more familiar with algorithms and programming, I learned that being a software engineer was the path that I loved the most.

Any advice to your younger self in choosing a career or being a successful engineer?

Don’t be afraid of working on new challenges because that’s how you learn and grow. If you want something in your job, always ask for it.

Why are you here at Lexion?

I am here at Lexion because I wanted to try new challenges, learn new skills, and make a bigger impact. I truly believe in the mission that we are pursuing at Lexion and I love being part of making the contract management experience better.

Women in engineering and legal

Meet a few of the other amazing women at Lexion and women in the legal industry—and if you’re interested in working at a company with true female sponsorship, check out our open roles.


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